Capturing the Very Best of Fiji

Our special lodge is located on an extraordinary piece of property situated on a romantic, volcanic island in Fiji’s Yasawa Island Group. It is surrounded by gorgeous beaches and rugged hillsai??i?? possessing 360 degrees of visual delights. The resort is also located near the chiefly village of Nacula, a place no one would possibly doubt if it staked a claim as the originator of the world famous Fiji smile.

The entire island is approximately 10 km long and 3 km wide. Nacula village is also the home of Ratu Epeli Vuetibau Bogileka, the Tui Drola or High Chief. As the chiefly village, Nacula has the greatest population in the area, along with a medical centre, a resident doctor, primary school, rugby ground and churches. Nacula has quite a rich village history, having been a strong hold of Methodist missionaries in the 19th century.

Here you will have the opportunity to sink your feet into one of Fiji’s most glorious white sand beaches with beautiful high peaked hills reigning over the background. The brilliant shades of blue sky that reflect on the sea and merge the mild cresting waves onto sandy beach provide you with a Hollywood-type picturesque feeling. It’s one which you will surely not forget!

This Lodge was built in 2000 and named in memory of village elders who once fished in their open row boats in the lagoon. It was built for the village with the generous support of Richard Evanson, owner of Turtle Island. Its principle purpose is to provide an outstanding guest experience in the Yasawa and to ensure the provision of 45+ jobs for the village of Nacula.

Located on one of Fiji’s most magnificent beaches, the crystal clear turquoise water and the white sandy beaches of Oarsman Bay make your visit Fiji fantastic.


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