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Sawa- i- Lau Caves

The Sawa-i-lau caves are located approximately 30 minutes away by boat from Oarsman’s Bay. There are over 100 separate caverns in this system of caves, and you, as a guest have access to three or four of these caves. You can get the opportunity to hear mystical myths of the past and how the caves were protected. All these myths are very interesting to learn.
These caves are famous throughout Fiji and have a rich cultural history and meaning for the people of Yasawa Island. Take a short dip underwater to gain access to some of the smaller caves and see the great cave formations. This trip will approximately take you two and half hours to complete.

“The Caves are breathtaking, with sheer limestone walls that tower overhead, and small openings where sunlight streams in on the water” – Pacific Rim Weddings 2005

Cost: FJD $ 10 per person

Time: Monday and Thursday’s 10.30 am

The Blue Lagoon Trip

The Blue Lagoonai??i??yes the place where parts of the movie “The Blue Lagoon” were actually filmed. Be there and experience the beautiful scenery and swim in the azure waters at Nanuya Lailai Island. Be sure to take your snorkeling gear to enjoy the underwater world. Do not forget to take some cash if you are willing to purchase a drink for the nearby Nanuya Island Resort.

The Cost of this trip is FJD$10 per person (+ hire of snorkeling gear)

Time: Mondays, Fridays – 02.30 pm

Reef Hopping

Love snorkeling??? Well we take you to the best snorkeling spots in the area. Take a look at the bizarre “Cabbage Coral” reef and many other secret spots along the three great reefs fronting the Nacula Passage; The Qese reef which is breeding grounds for the local turtles, Qoloriki Reef and the Yamotuni Qade reef are all within 10 minutes of Oarsman’s Bay Lodge. All these locations offer very different and fabulous encounters.

Costs: FJD$ 25per person

Time: Wednesdays 02.30 pm

Island Hiking

You really need to seize the opportunity to discover more of the breathtaking and beautiful Island of Nacula. One of our trusted staff will be available to accompany you on your hiking trip as you venture out on our trodden paths. There’s a few steep parts, some level parts to catch a rest and all sorts of scenic vistas and places where you can decide to turnaround or keep on trekking.

Be sure that you get your water bottle, your camera, good footwear and please do make sure that you advice the office staff of your expedition and intended track if you want to head out on your own. A sunrise summit hike can approximately take one hour and 30 minutes.

Cost: Complimentary

Time: Thursday 06.30am


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