Alone on an Island

Don’t try and tell us that you haven’t thought about it…You know, the idea of being shipwrecked or ‘castawayed’ on a deserted island. Fending for yourself or maybe with one or two. Feeling like you are in a Tom Hanks movie or maybe the TV show ‘Lost’. What would you do? How would you take care of yourself? How tough are you? How tough is it? How much fun is it? Most importantly, how can you not want to try this?

Oarsman Bay Lodge has our very own private island. Its 4 acres of some of the most beautiful South Pacific island terrain that you could ever imagine. With white sandy because, coconuts trees, a scenic vista on a hill climb that exposes most of the Yasawa island chain and a completely rugged west side that produces spectacular waves and sunsets. It’s truly a way to live out your dream of becoming one with nature.

Anyway You Want It

If you want to be pampered on the island, we can arrange it. It’s just 7 minutes away from the resort lodge by boat. We can cater meals and arrange any general whims for your delight. If you want to be dropped off with just a survival knife…that can happen as well. Many take food with them and have more brought over daily; some utilize the toilet that we have conveniently placed on the island, some use a roll-up mattress while others sleep on a hammock under a mosquito net. It’s all up to you and we will do our best to make this every bit the experience you can imagine.

Book it Now!

We require reservations for the island experience and because everybody’s idea of being castaway’d is different, feel free to contact us and tell us what you want and we will get back to you quickly with how little it will take ($) to make one of your greatest dreams come true. Contact us today. You will be glad you did.


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