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Oarsman’s Bay Lodge offers its visitors to snorkel right off the beach and discover the beauties that the reefs in Fiji have. The sensational coral formations and a plenitude of colorful tropical fish create a magical experience.

With protection and preservation of the reef in mind, the Tui Drola (High Chief) Ratu Epeli placed a ‘Taboo’ (which means forbidden to go) on the lagoon surrounding Oarsman’s Bay in June 2006. There was a traditional kava ceremony to mark the area as forbidden. It is now prohibited to touch or remove anything from the water. This step has created a marine park and its benefits include the restocking of fish and regeneration of the reefs.

In conjunction with Partners in Community Development Fiji (PCDF), Oarsman’s Bay has embarked on coral farming and the training of staff in reef management.

Small pieces of coral have been trimmed off pieces of “mother coral” and planted on to specially constructed tables. Then after six months, the coral is transplanted back on to the reef. There have also been construction of fish houses and lowered into the water. This provide habitat for the fish and when decorated, it resembles castles of coral. Snorkelers can view the underwater farm just off the beach and are also encouraged to become involved in planting coral or building fish houses.


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