When in Fiji, Do as the Fijians Do

Fijian Night

Become a part of our family and join us for an authentic lovo dinner where your food will be cooked underground over hot rocks in the traditional Fijian way. After your lovo dinner you will witness a truly indigenous Yasawa dancing and singing meke performance from the staff and villagers of Nacula. Stick around until they bring out the kava bowl where you will experience another part of the Fijian culture, with village elders telling stories of days gone by.

Cost: Complimentary.

A donation would be appreciated as the staff will entertain you in their own time.

Time: Friday Night


Village Visit

Oarsman’s Bay offers a scheduled visit to Nacula Village, just 20 minutes north of the Lodge and the home of nearly all our staff. The village is the biggest and one of the oldest villages in the Yasawas. It is built around a huge ruby ground where many of the Tikina rugby conventions are conducted. You will have to make sure to visit the Chief’s house and to give his ‘Spokesman’ a sevusevuai??i?? and don’t miss the layout of the traditional Fijian village, they’re pretty rare even in these parts.

Also, be sure to see the Church, the local school, the medical centre and to visit the historical building made of coral which is a landmark to the forefathers of Nacula village.

Remember to please be respectful of village customs, and ensure that your shoulders and top are covered and that you are wearing long shorts (for men) and a skirt or sulu/sarong (for women) plus footwear. Please remember to remove your hat when you come into the village area.

Cost: Complimentary.

Time: Tuesday, Friday 10.30


Learn Fijian Arts and Crafts

Enjoy learning how to weave your own basket, bracelet or hat from the lady herself Aunty Maria from Nacula Village. You will get the opportunity to keep the item as a, memento of your time in the beautiful Yasawa.

Cost: FJD$ 5

Time: Tuesday 02.30 pm


Church Service

Experience the authentic Fijian Church service in Nacula Village (the service is in Fijian Language), where the singing will linger with you long after your holiday has come to an end. Religion is a major part of the Fijian culture; they share it openly and welcome your participation or simply, your presence. Please, it is very important to remember that you have to dress respectfully.
Donations can be made to the collection plate that will be given around and these will help fund the village or the church itself of what is needed

Time: Sunday 10.30 am


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