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Turtle Island, located in the Yasawa, has been instrumental in creating an association of local budget and backpacker operators, called the Nacula Tikina Tourism Association (NTTA). Members of the NTTA have adopted their own Code of Conduct for Responsible Tourism, and have agreed to implement and be bound by its principles in their resort operations. Each of the Boards of the operating resorts has two Turtle Island Directors and two Elders and meetings are held on a monthly basis to review the operations and establish and undertake strategic planning. Oarsman’s Bay Lodge and Safe Landing Resort have directly and indirectly contributed to over 150 jobs being created within the Tikina. This has had a significant impact on the economic position of many families and is now providing real choices for community members. The Yasawa Islands have a high number of unemployment. The only real option for employment is tourism. Because of the NTTA, providing of interest free loans, management expertise and marketing skills to assist local operators to set up and mange budget hotels and transportation businesses as well as marine operations are now possible.


Members of NTTA have adopted and agreed to the following Code of Conduct and Practice and have agreed to implement and be bound by its principles in their Resort operations. The principles include the areas of:

Waste Management

  • To implement recycling programs in each property by separating waste and returning bottles, tins and plastics to town monthly
  • To ensure each property has installed best practice sewage disposal facilities
  • To educate staff on what is biodegradable and compostable and to establish a composting program
  • To have a weekly clean up of all litter on beaches, in sea and around property generally

Fijian Culture

  • To educate guests on Fijian customs important to the Villages and Yasawas including appropriate dress, sevusevu, ceremonies and mekes
  • To train staff members to provide interpretation of local Yasawa history and to explain operations of village social structure and cultural protocols
  • To respect privacy of Fijian Villages and to visit Fijian Villages only on Sunday to attend church after permission has been granted
  • To only use beaches and other islands where permission has been obtained

Protection of Ecology and Environment

  • To stop selling shells and precious marine resources and to substitute this income with sales of woven baskets, coconut oil and fruit
  • To educate guests and staff on fragility of marine resources and encourage responsible usage
  • To minimize impact of buildings and structures on the natural and visual environment
  • To have concern for the environment of other properties, other beaches and other islands in Nacula Tikina
  • To observe proper practices in marine resource management including not catching undersize fish
  • To implement a program for de-sexing unwanted dogs and cats to eradicate stray and malnourished animals around properties
  • To only use cleaning and chemical products that do not damage or harm the environment

Guest Safety and Care

  • To ensure all boats used for guest transportation are seaworthy and contain all necessary safety equipment
  • To educate staff on safety procedures in the event of fire or cyclone and to provide written safety instructions for guests
  • To provide sufficient drinking water storage for both guests and staff to go through a dry spell
  • To train all staff in provision of basic first aid assistance and to have essential first aid equipment at the properties;
  • To maintain high standards of hygiene in food management and in bar and dining areas

Education and Training

  • To educate key staff members on which products in the resorts can be used safely for specific purposes; to train key staff members to deal calmly but firmly with difficult guest circumstances including dissatisfied guests, emergencies and cyclones


  • To utilize V.H.F. radio frequency between NTTA members to maintain communication on guest and safety issues
  • To regularly attend NTTA meetings to share information and experiences

Self Improvement

  • To implement a system of incentive rewards for NTTA properties that continually improves their performance towards best practice

Nacula Tikina Tourism Association

PO Box 9317 – Nadi International Airport

Nadi, Fiji Islands
Tel: 679 666 8135



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