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Oarsman’s Bay Lodge in conjunction with Westside Water Sports is offering its guest with all the water related activities that are available at the lodge. Westside Water Sports, a PADI International member, is a fully outfitted dive center with a full range of Sea Quest/ US Divers rental gear. They are located on Tavewa Island which is 10 minutes away by boat. Their custom made NAIAD dive boats (one 9 meter open boat and the one 11.3 meter boat with a cabin) provides quick access to the 20 dive sites that are available within a 10 mile radius of Tavewa and Oarsman’s Bay Lodge.

These sites offer a wide range of underwater topography to explore walls, bommies, canyons pinnacles and you can swim through waters decorated by colorful soft corals, sponges and sea fans. Encounters with sea turtles, reef sharks and majestic eagle rays are common. History fanatics can enjoy exploring a shipwreck from the early 1900′s.

There are guided dives that depart daily and all dives are staffed by PADI dive masters or instructors. They also offer a wide range of PADI courses from Introductory Dives through to Assistant Instructor.

If you are interested in booking a dive please enquire at the office of Oarsman’s Bay Lodge. The divers from Westside Water Sports will come and collect you and then return you after the diving session have been completed. Please book this as early as possible, as Westside can be become busy and we would not want you to miss out on a perfect opportunity to explore the spectacular underwater view that is offered by the deep sea.

Below are the five best sites which are richly endowed in the waters of the Nacula Tikina:

The Zoo

This reef is located 3 miles from Tavewa. It has the combination of coral bommies, reef wall, overhangs and sand flats. The depth range of this place is 8- 40 plus meters. The zoo tends to have plenty of sea currents, which provides rich nutrients that bring in larger fish. You can say that it is common to see numerous reef sharks, schools of barracuda, Spanish mackerel, groupers, coral cods and coral trout. The visibility around this place is usually 15 meters and this is due to the current.

Lucky 13

This is a large sprawling reef which is located about 5 miles north of Tavewa. The depth of this reef ranges from 10meters to about 35 meters. This long sloping reef has numerous canyons and reliefs that make for a very interesting reef structure. There is an abundance of hard corals, sponge and some soft coral around this place. You will come across sea turtles, reef sharks, eels and anemones fish.
The Bonzai Reef
This reef is located approximately 6 miles east from Tavewa, an isolated reef that has a spectacular wall with hard corals and fan corals. The depth of this reef ranges from 6- 40 meters. You will get to see reef sharks swimming around the reef. Some of the other types of marine life that you will get to see are numerous coral cods, groupers, Spanish mackerel and Maori wrasse. The visibility is expected to be between 15 and 30 meters.

Neptune’s thumb

This is a pinnacle located 7 miles west of the Tavewa. The top of the pinnacle is 7 meters and drops to 40 plus meters. The pinnacle is covered with hard coral, sponges and fans. The top of the pinnacle has numerous anemone beds with anemone fish swarming around. You will be able to see schools of barracuda, reef sharks, trevally and Spanish mackerel swimming around this area frequently. The visibility around this area is known to be 25 meters plus.

Ethel Reef Wreck

This old steamship wreck which sunk in the early 1900′s is located about 9 miles west of Tavewa. The depth range for this place is 4-5 meters from the top of the steam engine to a maximum depth of about 15 meters. You will be able to identify the steam engine with its condensers, propeller shaft, propellers and anchors all visible but not the hull as it has all broken down. The remains of the wreck are well encrusted in hard coral. There are several resident eels, as well as rays that are commonly spotted. The visibility of this place can be expected to be in excess of 30 meters.

You can contact Westside Water Sports Ltd from the address below:

West Side Water Sports Ltd

P. O. Box 7136, Lautoka,

Fiji Islands

PH/Fax (679) 661462



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